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So this is Shownu, Shownu is the leader, a dancer and a vocalist in Monsta X
Real name: Son Hyun Woo
Birthday: June 18th, 1992
Height: 181 cm (5'11)
Former JYP trainee and was supposed to debut with GOT7
-He's still friends with the GOT7 members
-He was in D-Unit's "Talk to My Face" and Lee Hyori's "Bad Girl"
(I can't find any fan sites with more facts than this???)
So yeah there's our leader Shownu
Sorry this will be the only member card up today. I will get them all up tomorrow I promise!!!!:)
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😍He fine! He trying to steal me from JooHeon. ~Impossible!~
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Our (used to be) robot! Show-pa (my little nickname for him stage name and grandpa)
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tag me please
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