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Over the past five years, the Chiefs offense has relied heavily on Jamal Charles. It only makes sense that fans across the world thought the season was over when he tore his ACL in week 6.
Oddly, it was the exact opposite for Kansas City. The offense found its legs and the defense stepped up in his absence. The Chiefs headed into the playoffs with the longest winning streak in the NFL and pushed the Patriots to the brink before losing late in the 2nd round of the playoffs.
Now that the season is over, the same people that loved Charles dearly seem ready to cut him to make cap room to grab new players.
Hall of fame running back Marshall Faulk told The Kansas City Star the Chiefs have no reason to keep four-time Pro Bowl running back Jamaal Charles on the roster:
“I can’t even see what reason they would continue to pay (him) if they have a way of getting up from under that contract and dispersing money elsewhere to fill some of the gaps that they have. And that’s just real talk — that’s the business of the game.”
I love Jamaal, and I think he could find another home. I think there’s a lot left in him. But looking at what went on when he went down in Kansas City, are his days possibly numbered there?”
Charles is 29 years old and has suffered to ACL injuries in his career.

Should the Chiefs cut Jamal Charles?

Honestly it is the right move to make cap room for some young new players
I wonder who will pick him up if this happens
Yeah he's just not worth it anymore
Definitely. They have young talent in the backfield and at this stage in his career the money could be better spent addressing other problems.
Yeah...I think it's time for him to go