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Over the past decade, having a energetic off-field lifestyle during the season has led to harsh comments from the press.
Regardless of your performance many players are attacked for enjoying the club scene after a game.. that is, every NFL player but Rob Gronkowski.
ESPN radioshow host Dan Le Batard was astounded that Rob Gronkowski gets celebrated for his party cruise where other athletes would be criticized: "Gronk is living the party, rock star lifestyle, and no one objects."
For years it seems as if players have been destroyed by the media for partying in their down time. Johnny Manziel has been demolished by the press for hitting a club. They focus harder on his club choices than his performance on the field.

Is it fair that other players are hammered by the press for partying hard when Rob Gronkowski gets a pass?

@shannonl5 Haha yeah. And you can never say Gronk is not a hard worker!
@mchlyang I mean yes lol. But like @KyleBerke he waits until the off season. For people who work 9-5 that's like waiting for the weekend to go wild, instead of doing it on a Tuesday night. Personally I don't care about the players' personal lives unless they do something criminal, but I can see why the press is choosing to tell this story
I mean I would've loved to be invited on his cruise ship
Am I right @shannonl5?
@mchylang and yeah.. Gronk is the man, can't take it from him lol
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