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Team Solange all day.

All the Beyonce stans please allow me to relish in Solange Knowles beauty. While Beyonce may have a leg up when it comes to the fan base, Solange is surely making her way to the top -- especially when it comes to her exquisite taste in fashion.
From prints to bright colors, Solange knows exactly how to make certain pieces work for her. I've posted three images below and while she looks amazing in each, I'm curious to find out which outfit you think she rock'd best. Keep scrolling to play along and leave a comment with your answer.

Rules To Game:

- pick your favorite look above
- leave a comment [ex. look 3]
- you can explain why if you want to take your comment to the next step

Which look are you feeling the most?

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The third one is my favorite, but I can def see why it wouldn't be a favorite. The first look def takes the cake though! @buddyesd
look 1 it's unique and cool
it looks like look 1 won! @humairaa
I like all of them. I love her style so unique but true To herself .She is a prime example of not having to be exposed to look gorgeous and trendy.
Yes!!!! Exactly! She knows how to dress stylish without being revealing. She makes it work @GeGe21