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Right when I thought that Jay and Silent Bob were completely irrelevant, I get sideswiped by news that a recent crowdfunding campaign was launched in for a Jay and Silent Bob video game. I really, want to try my hardest and make fun of whatever kind of thing they're trying to do here but I don't really know enough about the game. But I do know one thing:

I haven't cared about Jay and Silent Bob since I was like 14.

And, you know, a 2.5D side scrolling beat-em-up won't change my mind about it. But there is another thing that I know:

I love watching these crowdfunding videos.

So, I left it for you below.
I don't know why I get so much joy out of people asking for money. I think it's because they probably have a lot more money than me anyway but they are too afraid [maybe] to invest in a project on their own. I know what that's like, there was this one time a family member of mine wanted me to get in on the ground floor of an app that let you read people's blogs without having to use Safari or something.
Maybe it was like an e-mail blast that sent all of your ex-girlfriend's blog posts about how shitty you were as a boyfriend to your inbox. Just so you could see what they were thinking of you even though they have you blocked on every social media thing. I don't know.
But anyway, I ended up supporting this dumb e-mail app and now I have no money to buy that really sick pink Ken doll.
but this doesn't seem to be that.
sure, it's okay to not have cared about jay and silent bob since you were 14. but if some small part of them doesn't live on in your soul, then you're actually probably still okay. also, I totally forgot trever firman was a person until now, and now I remember his dialogue about 'pussy trolls' and that kind of writing makes me want a kevin smith written game.