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Anime: Kimi mi Todoke❤

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@Fromtheheart It's about a girl Named Sawako who doesn't really fit in with anyone in the class because all her classmates think she's like possessed evil girl they even think her name is Sadako reffering to a scary girl in a movie.. She really wants everyone to like her and she actually feels bad that she isn't a ghost like person because everyone thinks she is and she feels bad because she doesn't meet everyone's expectations lol There's this guy named Kazehaya who does notice her and tries to support and encourage her but he's like the popular kid so everyone thinks he's just doing it to be nice but he actually has a crush on her ever since he first met her! So with his help she makes friends (some jealous enemies) etc but its such a cute anime and just seeing the both of them fall more in love with each other is just the cutest I think you would really enjoy it!
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I love Sawako💕💕💕✨✨
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But you know who I hate that boy who always ruins the moment looking for Kazehaya -.-
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@desireesowah143 Omg I know I wanted to straight up slap him when he basically killed Sawako with the lies and making her think Kazehaya didn't like her
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╥﹏╥ (╥_╥) (>y<)
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