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look @shannonl5 you corrupted me...I'm doing it this time.... Between the age of 18-25 for 2 more years. xD I am American from New England. We got Dunkin Donuts how about you? Native tongue is English and since the school system failed me... I know the basics in 5 other languages but master none. um thinking thinking....since I was born...though family is mostly DC. Thry sweat Batman while I sweat spiderman (coughs deadpool). wait what...having a least favorite movie in marvel is possible? o.o .... talkto me when its DC....then I'll answer that.... Drram job... I DREAM OF BECOMING... an Author...dun dun dunnnm I use Vingle on both but mostly mobile. I draw sing rap cook write etc
changing before moving up
@shannonl5 these part times are stepping stones in my books lol
@shannonl5 the coffee not worth it anymore... stuggle be real lol
@shannonl5 they do
@shannonl5 i work at dunkin ...
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