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Bethesda just announced the beta test for the latest Fallout 4 patch and it looks like it's adding new custom object to the settlements (along with some other fixes). As someone who absolutely fell in love with the settlement-building aspect of Fallout 4, I really enjoy these small additions to the game.
Unfortunately since the patch is still in beta, only PC users can access it right now but I'm betting that the full patch for Xbox One and PS4 will be coming out shortly (probably a week or so). Even though these signs and things are such a small part of the game, I'm still pretty pumped to litter Red Rocket with all of these goodies. You can see a full list of the new features below.
It isn't that much but I can't wait to go through all the stuff that the patch adds into the game. But I think the most important thing out of all the additions (other than the obvious bug fixes) is that this patch adds support for add-ons (or DLC).
Being a beautiful Season Pass owner, I'm really excited about this because this means that first DLC, Automatron, is coming out soon and I can't wait to play a bunch of it and make my own robots.
If you want to see the full patch notes, you can do so at the Bethesda's site. Also in the post are instructions to beta test the patch if you happen to be playing the game on PC.
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