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We've talked about how amazing Korean beauty products are and now it's time to review two products that you might take a liking to. In the video below, YouTuber Ting Yong, tries out a peel off lip and a peel off eyebrow tint.
While the eyebrow tint sounds a bit scary, you'll never know until you try -- or in this case check out the review. So, what are you waiting for? Keep scrolling and see if these products are a hit or a miss.

Would you give these peel off beauty products a try?

I have several peel off lip tints, also Korean brands (My Lip Tint) and it works really well BUT there are a few things I learned: If you use a lipstick brush it will make it a million times easier. Do NOT put it on dry lips because it 1.)burns and 2.)does that weird patchy thing she talked about. Also if you do close your mouth while it's drying then when it's dried you can actually just open your mouth slowly and the motion peels it off for you so yay lazy ways to do things!
That eyebrow product actually seems like something I'd try in a DEFINITELY slightly lighter shade. lol
I think she applied it too heavy. I feel like if it were applied with a light hand and not so boxy at the front of the brow it would appear more natural @humairaa
That's the same thing I'm scared of, but I feel like it may be rather easy to remove @ashleyemmert
I saw this lol I'm scared of the eyebrow one though. What if it ends up horrible and I have to wear it like that for a few days....
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