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"Mom, I need your help" "Are you ok?, what's wrong?" "I need 3 million Won to perform a surgery on my leg. We've crossed this path before." "..... I thought we got rid of it years ago!" "Well apparently not. Mom please I don't have that kind of money." "I'll try to figure something out. Maybe you can talk to your brother." "Thanks mom...... I miss you" "I miss you too honey. How's Mark doing?, is he in good health?" "Not so much, um, he lat out a rant when i saw him. I think he didn't remember what happened 6 years ago very well....... and neither did I." "I'm sorry to hear that baby. I'm just glad that psychotic bastard is where he needs to be" "....... Mom he threatened Mark's life if I don't get him out of there. He has a whole gang waiting for orders if I don't follow his plans." "Mom?" "Mom?!" "Baby, listen to me, that man is not to be trusted, hell, you shouldn't even be helping him in the first place. Does Mark know about this?!" "Not yet, and i'm not sure if i should tell him now...... at least until everything goes back to normal." "Not everything is to be solved by you Jackie, that man deserves to rot in hel for what he's done. You need to tell Mark about this, he needs to know before suspicions rise. A relationship shouldn't be filled with lies." "Wait..... how did you know we were a thing?" "He called me the other night and told me. But that's not what you should worry about. The point is that you should tell him..... he's your boyfriend not a stranger. Listen to me, please, take my advice before it's too late." "Algesseumnida, annyeong eomma." "Sarangahae!" "I love you too...." Should everything fall apart after I tell him?. Maybe she's right, he deserves to know. My only thoughts right now is trying to keep him alive while his dad is still in jail. "So much to do........ in such little time" I said to myself. "I may as well die already" "Time is gold"
"My acceptance was never thought of brother. My departure after I inherited dad's company was never taken lightly. It's been years, but, I managed to gain the company and mother's trust again..... but never her acceptance." "You brought it on yourself. Nobody told you to marry Issang Yun or whatever that other woman's name was." "Leona Soma?, she was a childhood friend.... never thought she could be a gold digger though." "She almost destroyed dad's company and you still wanted her back!" "It's all in the past now Jackson. She married again and this time with a non-rich guy, that's a first. They've been married for 5 years now can you belive it?, that's longer than when we were married." "Oh stop complaining. You spoiled her too much, that's how she took advantage of you." "Whatever. What do you want?" "I need 3 million won to get surgery on my leg. Remember the illness?, you died because of it and thanks to the draining system they put on you and cutting off your legs... you're alive" "Yeah don't remind me, the doctor said I was in a coma for 30 weeks after they put in the draining system and cut off my legs." "Hm. So are you going to help me or not?" "Only because you're my brother and i don't want you ending up like me." "You're as arrogant as you've always been" "Runs in the family. Only because we've been lied too many times to care about others, the stabs on our backs still hurt brother." "........ Thanks" I don't know if what he said was intended to hurt me or to give me a warning. Mom probably told him about our conversation earlier. She can never keep that paper mouth shut. I received a text from Mark after I left: Mark: "Where are you?" "Just finished seeing my brother. Why what's wrong?" Mark: "Oh nothing. Is just that you've been gone for hours. Mark: "Is everything ok?" "Yeah, just some family discutions, but really everything's fine." Mark: " μ•Œμ•˜μ–΄......μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄ ❀" "λ‚˜λ„ μ‚¬λž‘ν•΄! ❀"
awww cute.πŸ’ž said I love you to each other
@UnnieCakesAli oh AWWWE HOW CUTE (-_-) Jackson he know he knows an you lied straight out damn!!
@twistedPuppy lol it said "ok... I love you" "I love you too"
what i can't read Korean lol