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If you had to pick, what would be at the bottom of your list?

Sometimes it seems like being an X-Men is more of a curse than a blessing. People want to kill you (or experiment on you), sometimes you look kind of weird, you end up joining some weird clubs... it's not all fun and games. Who do you think had the suckiest power?
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Damn that's a good one
Color Kid...changing the color of things seems pretty useless in battle, to me.
I would say spike from xmen eveloution. can you imagine how much he spends on clothes 馃挼
@BeannachtOraibh yeah you pretty much have to hope your opponent is colorblind XD @jevonlowery aw jeez that would be annoying XD
pretty sure it was a joke or gag character, but "Eye-Scream" had one of the dumbest powers known to man. Being able yo morph into any flavor of Ice Cream imaginable. hahaha