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Last weekend's open beta for The Division (one I participated in) broke the record for active participants that was previously held by Destiny. And that being said, it looks like The Division might be one of Ubisoft's more successful games. I find it pretty interesting that a lot of people took to it as soon as it was announced that they were doing an open beta.
I remember hearing about this game years ago and then nothing until it was getting ready to be released this year so -- in my experience, at least -- The Division came out of nowhere and made me fall in love with it out of nowhere. I also didn't think that this game would end up being so appealing to other people.
It's very much like an MMO that is also a 3rd Person Cover Based Shooter, which on paper doesn't sound like something that's as interesting as it is. This news doesn't change the excitement I already have for the game but I do think it's pretty interesting.
The total number of participants in the beta clocked in at 6.4 million which is an insane amount of people to all be playing the short beta. Ubisoft also announced that on average, players spent around 5 hours playing the game and exploring the world of the game as well as spending at least 2 hours in the Dark Zone.
And speaking of the Dark Zone, Ubisoft also said that about 50% of the players who entered the DZ ended up going rogue at one point or another. Which basically means attacking and fighting with other players.
With all of that out of the way, I wonder what the final tally of active players will be when the game actually comes out. It'll be interesting to see how the full game is and I can't wait until March 8th (when it comes out) to finally get my hands on it.