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Hello everyone! Today I am writing this briefly in my U.S. History class Just. For. You! Okay, anyways, I promised to do another game like I had done for VIXX's Starlights but this time the winner of who is next is Big Bang. So, in the next hour or two you will get to see the results of this card but first I need for you to pick which card you are going to get....
Pick Your Number...
This is my first time making a gif, so, if it doesn't work to where you can click and drag or screen shot it let me know and I will try to fix it.
Your options are one through five.
No cheating! Don't redo once done!
Have Fun!
Results up in an hour!
This is what will make the atmosphere of your story.
Second card results are up here
If you would like to be added, comment it in THIS CARD, if I didn't add you and you wanted me too, please let me know again and I will try my best to get it back on here.
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Number 5 and made
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1 and MADE
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3 and MADE
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