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VIP Game Results Big Bang
This is the results for the first card! No cheating! If you haven't picked yet go to the first card here and click and drag OR screenshoot it to know which number you got!!
The Game Begins, I am not promises a good ending for all nor a bad ending for all. You will just have to see where this goes with the choices you've picked.
If you picked number 1 you got TOP
If you picked number 2 you got Daesung
If you picked number 3 you got G-D
If you picked number 4 you got Seungri
If you picked number 5 you got Taeyang
Who did you get this time?
This will come in later in the next card, I am giving you three different atmospheres to your story, so, what did you get "Alive", "Made", or "Stand Up"?
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a year ago·Reply
Gdragon and stand up
a year ago·Reply
Seungri and alive
a year ago·Reply
G Dragon and MADE
a year ago·Reply
I got TOP and MADE
a year ago·Reply