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Hello, This is my application. I tired emailing it, but it would not go through. @Michellelbarra @bbyitskatie


Position: (What position are you taking?) I am looking at applying for the Writer position and the Social Media Event Organizer. Why are you taking this position? I love writing and have a background in writing. I love Kpop and Korean culture and I love sharing it with others. Name: Jessamine Stage name: amojimin amobigbang (on Vingle) Birthday/Age; April 10, 1991 I will be 25 this year. Hobbies: Writing, music, beauty, skincare, learning g about different cultures What do you like to do for fun? I enjoy napping for fun. I also enjoy writing and trying new makeup items with my best friends. When I want to have fun I will call up my best friends and we come up with creative things to do. Sometimes we go shopping, go to the art museum, or the local theatre. When I'm alone I usually write fiction or poems. Sometimes, I making Korean dishes. Time zone: Eastern Where do you live? Michigan, USA Who's your favorite band/artist? (You can name a lot of them) Favorite bands: Big Bang, BTS, and EXO. I love Ji-Yong, Jimin Park, Youngabe, T.O.P, Yoongi, Namjoon, Taemin, and Jay Park. What's your favorite song? Pretty much I love all BTS songs. Currently, my favorite songs are Let me know, Autumn leaves, butterfly by bts. Zutter by GD and TOP, Love you to death by Youngbae, Danger by Taemin What do you do on vingle? (Post cards; About what? How much do you post?) Currently, I am a supporter on the BTS Community, Marvel Community, and Fan Fiction community. I post cards about Kpop, BTS, Big Bang, Taemin, and other kpop male artists. I also post cards about beauty, fashion, comics, etc. Do you work or go to school? I work and go to school. During this time, will you be able to post? If so, how many times? I would be able to post. I'm always posting things. I r re ally don't have a set number, but I post at least more than 6 cards a week. I'm constantly posting and is active. What is your kakao account? My Kako account id name is BTS4L Why should we choose you? I'm creative, cool, original, and fun. I love Kpop and everything that is associated with Kpop. I love working with others and spreading the news about the Kpop community. I do have a background in writing and have much experience in writing. I'm always online and constantly updating myself with kpop news. I feel that I have the drive and would have the dedication to help this project blossom. What do you think about this idea? (You don't have to answer, but it'll give you more points) I think this is an awesome project that could open up many doors of opportunities. This would be a great way to expand the international Kpop Fandom and support our Kpop artists. Will you post constantly at the same time? (For example; I will post everyday at 5 pm or I will work every Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday) It would be nice to have a schedule. I would post my main posts at the same time. However. I would have other posts that I might post randomly. Do you have any type of experience on the position that you're applying for? As I said before I went to college for English. I have much experience with English and writing. I was a writer for a local newspaper. I was a writer for our poetry and short story magazine on campus. I'm constantly posting on Vingle and other websites like wattpad. I write as a hobby. I was on a local radio show before for about 2 years. Anything you would like to say to the owners? I'm very excited about this project. I feel like I could bring some nice things to the table.
my id is BTS4L
Oh ok sorry. I thought the I was an l
(This is late, I know) Thank you for applying! By the way, You forgot an 'i' in my name... 😅
@amobigbang Ah it's okay. 😝