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Okay , so I have gotta say that it's been a WHILE since I last saw this anime, and frankly back then I REALLY loved it and was heartbroken that there wasn't a 2nd season </3. And now to the present , I've started to read it's manga and I'm just 10 chapters away from finishing it but..... OMG. I don't wanna give anything away just in case for the people who haven't read/watched it but... 馃槩馃樀 (not saying it's bad though I actually liked it 馃槉). I gotta say though that even though it's been years since I watched the anime I still LOVE the OP 馃挅 in fact I'm listening to it rn...馃槒.... So anyways now that I've said my thoughts about this, I really wanna hear about y'alls , so tell me in the comment section below about What you really thought about the Anime/Manga. Can't wait to read'em all. o(^鈻絕)o. (And plz no spoilers ( 锛浡葱旓絸)) @JackieG1617
The OP [One Reason] DMW 馃専馃挅
this anime was awesome, watching it was so intense and crazy , sometimes i was like is iragashi really gonna make it through all this and he did with the help of shiro who was oddly cool and insane
Ganta was to much of a bitch for my tastes. Shiro... I think her name is, was amazing
ohhhh I loved the manga I hated that it ended but ik it was justifiable. I also found it kinda cool that their blood was a weapon and how it showed the side of humans people usually hide deep down inside.
Love the anime and the op! I have the first 4 vol. for the manga I just haven't read them yet since I'm reading two other series atm
loved the anime, and they had said there was development of a second season but it was never finished or something :( also, the manga series was fantabulous! so different from the anime that it felt like another story and just ugh, I couldn't stop reading it! 馃槏
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