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Okay , so I have gotta say that it's been a WHILE since I last saw this anime, and frankly back then I REALLY loved it and was heartbroken that there wasn't a 2nd season </3. And now to the present , I've started to read it's manga and I'm just 10 chapters away from finishing it but..... OMG. I don't wanna give anything away just in case for the people who haven't read/watched it but... 馃槩馃樀 (not saying it's bad though I actually liked it 馃槉). I gotta say though that even though it's been years since I watched the anime I still LOVE the OP 馃挅 in fact I'm listening to it rn...馃槒.... So anyways now that I've said my thoughts about this, I really wanna hear about y'alls , so tell me in the comment section below about What you really thought about the Anime/Manga. Can't wait to read'em all. o(^鈻絕)o. (And plz no spoilers ( 锛浡葱旓絸)) @JackieG1617
The OP [One Reason] DMW 馃専馃挅
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@MalcolmAllen Not yet, I haven't been able to find it anywhere yet, without having to order it online, and I'm not to keen on ordering Manga online yet. So I'll revise my statement. From what I've seen of the Anime, Ganta is to much of a bitch.
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Thank you for the link, I will definitely be checking it out. I always hated where the Anime cut off. @MalcolmAllen
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no problem @worldofelites19
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