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I have never posted my own card before but I had to share the awesome thing that happened this week. I am a pharmacist as well as the assistant manager of the pharmacy; the pharmacy manager was gone for 6 weeks on leave and so I had to take on the manager's tasks as well. Everything seemed to fall apart while she was away and so, although I love being a pharmacist, it was a stressful time for me. My employees wanted to cheer me to so a couple of them decided to surprise me while I was at lunch a couple days ago. I came back to this picture set as my Google chrome background:
We had just gotten access to this at work and when one of the ladies was picking out a picture for her screen, she saw this and recognized them! She then got the rest of my employees involved so they all gathered near my computer when I got back to see my response. I apparently did not disappoint; I giggled and did a little dance and totally fangirled in front of everyone! There was even a patient there that got to witness my celebration.
There are many pieces about this that make me happy, the biggest one is the fact that I obviously post and talk so much about K-Pop, especially BTS, that my employee recognized them while scrolling past the picture. This is hilarious and makes me proud of myself for spreading the K-Pop love. I also love the fact that all my employees knew that this tiny gesture would boost me up, and then they kept the love going by each of them letting me tell them each member's names and which ones were my favorites. This gave me a much needed momentary break and a real life outlet for my fangirl. When did I get so lucky?!
Thanks for letting me gush a little bit. If it wasn't for you guys keeping me entertained and smiling during my limited time off, and my employees caring enough to make me smile at work, the last 2 months would have been pretty difficult. (And the manager is now back to I can maybe actually sleep again!)
I have no idea how to tag anyone - or who I would tag with this silly ramble - so I'm just sending it out into the ether as a love letter to all those that have kept me smiling. ❤
This is so cute!
@DestinaByrd You too!
awe I wuv u