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Okay I know I know, These magic dances have been exsiting for a while but can we just appreciate everything about this lovely topic. For those of you who don't know what a magic dance is well basically it's when a different band or artist's choreography or song matches well with another band or an artsits dance or song, Vice Versa.
For Example:
The song is "Ice Cream Cake" by Red Velvet and the choreography belongs to the song, "Overdose" by EXO.
I don't know why but there is just something about these 2 songs ughhh It kills me!!!
Also, Can we be thankful for how Xiumin and Luhan look in this video!!!!
Pay attention to Luhan at 2:26 and 2:42 for Xiumin!
Look at that another EXO combination! I'm sorry
Anyways, The song is "Sherlock" By SHINee and the dance is EXO's "History"
By the way, I know Kris may not be the best dancer and he is tall but let him have at least one spotlight dance. Lay is rocking that outfit by the way ;)
The song is "Bang Bang Bang" by BigBang and the dance is too "I Need U" by BTS!!!
Okay BTS is my ultimate bias group and my 2nd bias group is BigBang so this is like heartwarming for me to watch. Plus look at Jimin at 2:18 I literally fangirled and I loved how TOP says those very words and Bang! Jimin got me pregnant and my ovaries exploded okay bias wrecker stay in your lane or else...
The song is "Mansae" By Seventeen and the choreo is too "Danger" by BTS...
I love both songs and both dances, I know that BTS is more of a hip hop kind of group and Seventeen is my like flower boys but come on, They both have sick dance moves that I can barely learn even though I know both dances XD but for those of you that don't know, My bias in Seventeen is The8 aka MingHao and when his line came up at 1:36, I loved how V looked during that and the way those lyrics matched up pretty well with those moves and I know I might get commented on about this but when I first saw BTS' Danger practice video, I thought Hoseok's shirt said something else and I laughed when I realized it had said, "STUSSY" Omg I'm sorry Oppa I love you trust me XD This one isn't too bad of a magic dance but it could have been better in the beginning but it's cute. The song is "Fire" by 2NE1 and the dance is SHINee's "Lucifer". First of all, Jonghyun you need to eat boy! Key is so sassy and he is working that hairstyle. If you think about it, Onew sort of looks like Minzy and Taemin dances like Minzy, They're both the dancing machine maknaes!!!