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Siwon twitter update
RT @ChungMinCho: 사랑은 나를 살리고 남도 살리지만, 중독은 나를 죽이고 남까지 죽입니다. 사랑은... 모든 중독을 이깁니다. RT @ChungMinCho: Love me alive revive the South Island, but addiction is killing me and others to kill. Love is ... Win all addictions. (1 hour ago) 爱可以拯救我,也可以拯救别人,而中毒可以杀死我,甚至可以杀死别人. 爱...可以战胜所有中毒.. :^) @ChungMinCho Love can save me, also can save everyone, while poison can kill me, even can kill everyone, love... Can defeat all the poison.. :^) @ChungMinCho (1 hour ago)
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