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Fans are enraged.

Gigi Hadid is one of the most successful models in the world right now. Gracing Vogue cover after Vogue cover is only one small accomplishment within the young supermodel's career. She's BFFs with Kendall Jenner but has her own career and Gigi Hadid is literally unstoppable. Though with fame comes extra scrutiny so when Hadid posted this Vogue China cover showing an altered version of herself, fans freaked out.
What were the altercations? Well, her birthmarks that she's been known for in the modeling industry have been completely erased on the cover and her skin is a few shades lighter. Fans began to rip on the model saying how dare they take her birthmarks off to make her look "perfect". It's quite an odd altercation for the world of photoshop especially when most photoshop gaffes are in regards to slimming down a model or augmenting body proportions. But to remove birthmarks is what many fans are saying is excessive and the fact that they turned her skin even whiter than it already is shows a ridiculous Chinese beauty ideal.
The cover has garnered over 685,000 likes and over 4,300 comments on Instagram. Everyone is making comments about her "beautiful, natural moles". Many media sites have been swirling over a comment that read, "The Chinese market really values fair, blemish free skin — it's how they would photoshop any celebrity. It's just a different demographic guys." However, Hadid or Vogue China has yet to comment.

Do you think it's a big deal?

gigi is now popular also in China.
people need to understand that the Chinese government controls all news media outlets.
Asian culture picture for women in media all seem to be flawless and feminine. I dont find its a big deal its a couple birth marks because the culture is slightly different. I get shes wanting to show herself flaws and all. To me not big of a deal, just different country.
@Bobs that's so true!! I guess in U.S. it's hard to handle this kind of censorship. but maybe in China it's more normal?