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I swear, some guys are just born with it. Or am I wrong?
How is it some guys can just walk up to a woman and connect right away?! They tell the lamest jokes, the most awful pick-up lines, and the girls are enamored!
I'm sure it helps that they were also born with perfect blue eyes, chiseled face and bulging biceps.
Now, granted, I am NOT the guy at the bottom of this cartoon. But whatever I am doing or not doing correctly, I keep getting that girl's expression staring back at me! WTF?!?!?!?
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I feel like as long as you avoid the word 'diarrhea' you're good!
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good point @sophiamor 馃槃
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Exactly!!!! @nicolejb
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If a guy with perfect blue eyes, chiseled face, and bulging biceps came at me with a pick-up line, I'd still be like "Yeah, I've got to go.." Lol, everyone has their type!
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confidence, women love confidence as long as you have that even corny pick-up lines work
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