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This might be dated back to Glamour's 2011 July issue, but it's just as relevant today as it was back then! I found this through Google's pictures and wasn't anywhere near Glamour. I was looking for a picture of a fun couple flirting and when I saw this, I was like, WOW! Good stuff!
These ideas are meant to be cheeky, but real. Meaning, read between the lines a bit, have fun, don't take the flirting so serious that you're trying to get married after a first date. It's just flirting. That's all.

Anything on this list got you scratching your head?!

@marshalledgar unfortunately no :( it was a cool story, but he was kinda a schmuck...
That's a cool story. @nicolejb 😊 😀 was he more than 1 date?
The book one is so clever!! Fun story: I had a guy in one of my classes in college lend me a book. but he put a bookmark in it. When I started reading the book I saw the bookmark had his number on it and asked if I wanted to go out. That was one of the smoother ways I've ever been asked out. It was super cute.