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A meeting with a tall and handsome stranger in the rain; your parents would definitely disapprove. You should go home but you’re already addicted… hooked. You know that you have two choices; go home to your parents or see where the night takes you… responsibility… or adventure?
*How had you ended up here? Sat in a cafe, watching the raindrops race down the window… sat across from a boy you didn’t know. You check your watch nervously; the last train to your parents house was due soon. You turn at the voice of a waitress.*[WR] here you go guys*The waitress puts your drinks down with a smile; a smile that was more for the tall, handsome boy sat with you. You watch amused as she brushes hair behind her ear and lingers for far too long. Your mind plays his name over and over again in your head until you find yourself murmuring it out loud.*[Y/N] Song Minho…[MH] yes?*You look up surprised and meet his eyes.*
Y/N] oh… um…*You search frantically for a conversation topic whilst your face blushes pink. Why was his gaze so piercing?*[Y/N] so you’re a new trainee?[MH] mhmm, I signed my contract last week… and you’re in a girl group?[Y/N] well I am a girl…*You answer curtly whilst rolling your eyes. Minho smirks at you.*[MH] well I can see that… and a pretty one too…*You feel your face turn from pink to red and you turn to look out of the window.*[MH] so tell me about the group you’re in…*You try to regain your senses and take a sip of your iced coffee. You answer with a gulp.*[Y/N] well it’s just the four of us… Seoyeon is the leader and the oldest… Eunji is the main dancer and she’s a really good choreographer. And then we have Soojin; she’s the maknae and has a beautiful singing voice.[MH] and what about you?[Y/N] I think I’m still trying to find my… ‘thing’…[MH] so you must be multi-talented
*You shuffle awkwardly in your seat. YG never saw it as multi-talented, he always scolded you for not having a more defined position in the group. He made you feel useless. But for some reason, Minho didn’t.*[Y/N] so… what’s your ‘thing’?[MH] rapping.*Before you know it the two of you are deep in conversation. Minho’s personality slowly unfolds and his humour and cute side shine through.*[MH] it’s true! I promise that it definitely happened![Y/N] in no way am I going to believe that! *You are both caught up in laughter when you suddenly catch a glance at your watch.*[Y/N] shit![MH] what is it? what’s wrong?[Y/N] I need to go…
*You start to grab your things but you pause as you notice Minho’s expression.*[Y/N] I’m sorry, I really need to go…[MH] …why?[Y/N] I promised my parents that I would come home tonight and I need to catch a train soon…[MH] Don’t you live in dorms?[Y/N] well yes, but my parents prefer me to be at home… they’re not really too fond of the whole… trainee… idol thing.[MH] just tell them you got held up at the studio… that you missed your train… that you-*You watch Minho thoughtfully as he trails off into silence. A small smile pulls at the corner of your mouth… why was every fibre of your being telling you to stay? You peer out of the window.*[Y/N] …okay*You answer quietly and firmly.*[MH] okay?*Minho looks up at you puzzled as a sweet grin stretches across his face.*
*You both spend a few moments grinning at each other like fools.*[Y/N] I’m going to get in so much trouble because of you, Song Minho.[MH] it’s healthy to break the rules every once in a while, Y/N.*After you both finish your drinks, you gather up your belongings and slip on your damp coats. As you head for the door, Minho is already by your side; his scent enveloping you. You peer out into the street.*[Y/N] oh, it’s stopped raining.
*You walk together, side by side, through the dark streets. You feel comfortable as your light conversation fills the emptiness. The two of you drift through the night down endless roads, ignoring the tempting scents and sounds of nearby restaurants and bars. Minho’s deep, warm tone makes you feel safe; your tiredness gone.*[MH] so… do you have any siblings?[Y/N] an older sister… I don’t see her much though…*Minho’s delicious voice coaxes a more detailed answer out of you. What an annoying talent. You continue with a sigh.*[Y/N] well… she’s a successful lawyer… the golden child.[MH] and you’re not a golden child?[Y/N] as I said eariler, my parents aren’t too keen on the whole idol thing. I used to study ballet… piano… art… and even fashion design at one point. And even though it’s not the same as being a lawyer… to my parents… it’s better than becoming an idol… so they put a lot of pressure on me…*You sigh and turn to focus on walking; embarrassed that you’d opened up. You feel a warm arm wrap around your shoulders as you walk… surprised you glance at Minho at your side.*[MH] well they should be proud to have such a multi-talented daughter… you’ll make a great dancer or singer or artist… whatever you choose…
*You smile to yourself and focus on the path ahead. You finally decide to check your watch… it was way too late to still be out; you have singing practice early in the morning.*[Y/N] we should probably head back to the dorms soon…*Minho rummages around in his pocket and pulls out his phone; the screen lighting up his face in the darkness. He really was handsome…*[MH] wow it’s late*Minho chuckles and looks around trying to figure out which direction to head in. You stand quietly and pull your coat tighter around you. As Minho starts to walk in a certain direction you feel a big, warm hand pull at yours.*[MH] come on, it’s this way…
*You walk silently, hand in hand, until the familiar apartment blocks come into sight. You feel yourself unconsciously slow down. But the inevitable arrival back at the dorms happens and you both stand awkwardly in the light of the entrance.*[MH] I suppose this is goodnight then…[Y/N] I guess so…[MH] ..we should definitely do this again sometime…*You both awkwardly smile at each other. Your hand feels cold and empty now. You smile shyly.*[Y/N] soon…[MH] soon. [Y/N] Goodnight, Song Minho.[MH] Goodnight, golden girl.*Minho turns and walks away with a brilliant smile. A smile that was now imprinted into your brain. A smile that you hoped you would see a lot more of.*
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