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For me it's gotta be blood sausages (morcillas). I am totally not a picky eater, but just the thought of even putting this into my mouth makes me want to puke.

What's a food item you refuse to eat???
@hhead232 yes sir! 100%. no European blood in me. no additives or preservatives 😆😆😆
Since I am mixed so I get nasty stuff from both sides especially my mom since I was raised by her. So no pig tail, no blood sausage, no pig ears, feet, chitlins, no tripe, no ache, no damn Cow Cod soup! @alywoah I can go one for days lol so that is just a blurv
i got plenty. lol i hate would except for like 2 kinds. i wont eat intestines, tongue or stomach based stuff. dont really like Mole, or catctus strips… or very indiginous type foods. my family is very indiginous, im from a tribe called Zapotéc and we haven't really changed much. lol but yesh… i dont eat the hardcore stuff my parents eat lol
I actually have never tried them. I don't think I ever will.... @EasternShell
I'm a Bengali and in my culture Rice & Fish Curry is like the main food. But I just hate fish!!! People go like, "Woah, u don't eat fish, but u r a Bengali!!"
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