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Yes my heart still belongs to you yes I still love you yes I was bad and a monster but I was good as well, I'm not saying I'm an angel and I'm not saying I'm a demon, all I'm  saying is that on my way to the light I lost my way and had a few distractions but little by little I'm finding my way back and little by little I see all the bad that I have done but with that bad I also see the good, all the goods and bads replaying over and over but at the end I still remember I am happy with you I am happy to be with you and I am happy that I still love you
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I totally agree :) @GabrielOrea as long as it isn't completely destroying you!!
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True I take it as motivation
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the hearts the smart one and the brain just thinks ira smart lol
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the heart feels and knows what it wants and the brain only thinks it knows what it wants
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