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I rarely shoot photos using natural light when wearing my professional hat as a commercial photographer. That being said I rarely USE additional lighting or studio setups when shooting photos for myself - my non-professional addiction. Back lit subjects can be interesting for the light can be used to expose a profile or silhouette that might otherwise be lost in more traditional front-on light. Above I shot this photo of my Bengal Cat - Zephyr - using a 300mm f/2.8 Nikkor AF-S Mark II lens (hand-held) from down the hall of my room (he didn't know I was there or shooting the photo). I liked how the light from the window created an "edge light" effect that showed off his fur and profile. Because I didn't have the super-long lens hood on my lens (300mm lenses have massive front elements and are very prone to flaring from any light source in the frame), I got a nice colorful lens flare from the window.
Sometimes you get lucky and a photo comes together - you simply need to be in the right place at the right time. Experiment with lighting in your photos. Try back lighting - or try shooting images of subjects that are back lit - and see if you like what you capture.
Actually Tess I use my cell phone regularly for photos of my "kids"... many turn out great. Lighting is really the key to getting good cell photos. I use a Samsung Galaxy S5 - I find the Samsung phones to be outstanding in the camera/video department - nothing against Apple - but I retired from the iPhone to Samsung 2 years ago and haven't looked back - mainly because I was getting better video and photo performance. I'm very interested in the Nokia and LG Android phones that are new because they were really designed to work as a true digital camera replacement (probably find being a phone is second but that's OK with me). I do have several tricks for both Samsung and Apple phones (since I've owned both). I'll work on a card for you! Thanks so much for the idea and feedback!!! :D
I am in love with your cat photos! Would you have any tips on using iPhone for photography, lens attachments? I'd love to see a card on that!