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I think Marvel should....

Day 23 I think Marvel should...
I think Marvel should make more movies. I don't mean more sequels.
I mean there is so many Marvel characters that aren't movies yet. It doesn't mean I don't like their sequels, in fact I love them. I just feel that there is other options, such as Melissa Joan Gold aka Songbird. I don't know why, but maybe because we have the same first name.
Melissa Joan Gold aka Songbird
@MelissaGarza Netflix certainly has been going for the less famous characters (Daredevil is pretty well known but mostly known for his movie being bad so I think that was still 'riskier' from Marvel's perspective) but with the movies being so expensive they probably want to make sure they're appealing to people who have never read a comic. That being said Doctor Strange is pretty obscure so I think they're definitely branching out more
@Shannonl5 yes it does seem like they are doing that.
It feels like they've been going by characters that are famous outside of comics readers and then adding more as they make more money?
@LAVONYORK They could make any character popular, by promotion right?
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