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Okay, but how cool do you think actually dating a kpop idol would be?
You're probably like...what the heck is she talking about?, they'd be gone all of the time...but just listen.
When your significant other has time to meet with you on an actual date, it would be even sweeter right? Because you would hardly see each other so you would be close and lovey to them.
Just imagine them sending pictures of them with their other members throughout their would honestly make you smile to know that he (or she) is doing okay and they're working hard for the fans.
Getting a late night Skype call and you both telling each other how your day went.
The cute text conversations ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡
Getting to be friends with their members..
And lastly, just being so proud to call them yours. Being proud at their performances and really appreciating their love for the fans and all of their hardwork.
Yeah anyways..I think dating a kpop star might be kind of nice! Well if you like them lolz. What do you guys think?
@AbbyRamey im not sure I mean I think some of them would be mean. they would probably try to ruin you. and i would be afraid that i would ruin his career. if I was ever to date someone famous id want to do it secretly for a while then give out little hints to see fans reactions. but I guess it all depends on the person if he wanted it to be known by all then okay if it made him happy but if he didn't id go along with that.
Well that would work for me because my expectations of men are extremely high now because of K-Pop and anime....TT^TT
I think fan reactions would be terrifying
Of course I'd date one. They are the reason my standards are so high these days. They need to take responsibility!
@CallMeMsDragon this is so cute omg ❤
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