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U-know Yunho isn′t really ready to get married just yet. In a recent interview with High Cut, when asked what he thought he would′ve been doing now if he had lived an ordinary life, he said, "I think I would′ve gotten married." He added, "I wanted to get married around the age my parents did, but now it′s too late. Actually, I don′t think it′s time for me to get married yet. I′ll get married when I can take responsibility and I′m sure I′m ready." About TVXQ (DBSK)′s promotions for its 10th anniversary, U-know Yunho said, "When you′re a senior you become really lonely, but I step out to pass out CDs to my juniors whenever we release a new album to break through that [loneliness]." In the photo spread attached to the interview, U-know Yunho wrapped scarves around his eyes, neck, wrists, ankles and waist for a sexy look. He layered the scarves and mufflers on clothes from Louis Vuitton. The interview and spread can be found in the issue of High Cut released on May 16. Photo credit: High Cut
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