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Summary: Not your typical flower shop AU.

Members: Chanyeol x Reader (Babydoll)

Type: Action, Fluff, Angst

Length: 2,357 words

You screamed when you found him. The basement was dark, crawling with rodents of all sorts, the floor and walls were cracked, and yet worst of all was the stench that reminded you faintly of death and decay. You removed a flashlight from your pocket and turned it on, your shaking hands finding the handle of your gun as well as you cocked it into place and began to investigate the eerie setting. Your heart was thumping loudly in your ear and you could feel cold sweat beginning to form on your forehead, however despite how freaky the entire situation was, none of it was going to stop you from finding Chanyeol. Your perseverance shone through any of the darkness consuming your mind in the suffocating basement. You strolled forward confidently, your boots making crunching noises against the concrete as your eyes scanned the layout and attempted to make out any shapes that resembled a human body. You wanted to appear as fearless as possible, and even though that made you slightly louder than you wanted to be, you didn’t care. Because of being unfamiliar with the building and having a poor sense of sight, you wanted to seem as though you wouldn’t be able to be taken down easily. You ignored the squeals of rats and their shadows slinking along in the darkness, your eyes glared forward as you followed the beams of the flashlight and stopped when you noticed a hunched over figure covered in a black blanket. You slowly approached the body after uneasily calling out for him, however he didn’t move when you spoke and that lead you to inspect the area he was in. You gasped loudly when you shone the flashlight down at your feet and noticed a trail of blood and then realized that he was sitting in a small puddle of it, and you eagerly moved forward to place your hand on his shoulder to attempt to bring him into a lying down position. You had assumed that your fingers were going to inspect whatever was injured and help him so that the two of you could get out of the dark basement as quickly as possible. You had thought that you were going to see Chanyeol’s pale face and hold him tight as you smiled and weakly told him that you were here to help him. You would have never expected a hand to shove you backwards, resulting in the flashlight and the gun to leave your grasp and scatter throughout the dingy room. You would have never thought that a cold and firm hand would wrap itself around your neck and squeeze with such a force that it sent your vision blacking out and your breathing turning to faint wheezes. He slowly stood up and stumbled a bit to the side, his firm grasp bringing you up as well so that you were practically dangling in mid air, the tips of your shoes barely grazing the floor. His other hand reached up and you had no idea what was happening until a light bulb turned on and revealed the identity of your captor. Although you were struggling for breath, your eyes still widened and you screamed when you found him.You would have never expected to see Jin again. Although he looked much more different than the last time you had saw him, you couldn’t mistake the man who had ripped you from Chanyeol in the first place and had almost killed you. It seemed as though he had lost a ton of weight though, his skin was much paler, and not only that but you could identify a multitude of scars decorating his arms, neck, and face. Your fingers weakly wrapped themselves against the hand choking you, having absolutely no strength to try and peel away his fingers. Just as your eyes were beginning to roll back into your head and see all white, his hand forcefully threw you to the ground and you gulped in air as all the blood rushed back into your head. You were choking and feeling as though your stomach was about to heave, and it took a good few minutes to try and get yourself back together. Your brush with death had you shaking and quivering on the floor, even so you were forcing yourself back up because you needed to find your gun because it was the only thing you had left. You barely made it into a standing position all by yourself, but it didn’t matter because Jin merely pushed you backwards right onto the ground, and you knew it was over when you looked up to find your gun staring you dead in the face. You merely glared at him and ignored the tears welling up in your eyes, you didn’t want to seem as though you were the weak little girl that couldn’t get anything done. The reason why you were getting so upset was because so many of the EXO members had gotten hurt and sacrificed themselves and here you were at the end of the line. All your training and their injuries and the research done was never going to pay off because you hadn’t found Chanyeol, you were here and Jin was ultimately going to kill you before you even got a chance to find your childhood friend once more. You could taste blood in your mouth and you were well aware of your split lip and the forming bruises, you knew you looked like an utter mess but all of that didn’t matter. You weren’t going to let Jin see you cry, after everything he had done, you weren’t going to give him that satisfaction. The victorious feeling of knowing that he was the one to break the girl who had started it all. Jin however, lingered with the gun pointing at you and he refused to actually shoot it. You weren’t one to rush things, especially your execution, but you were seriously beginning to wonder what was taking him so damn long. You were lying on your back, balancing on your elbows and staring at him as you noticed actual emotions playing out onto his face. His bloodied and scared face that you grew to hate was beginning to confuse the hell out of you. His hand was shaking and his finger simply seemed unable to actually pull the trigger. Your heart was hammering in your chest as his arm slowly lowered and his free hand lifted to cover his face, his breath leaving him in a cracked sigh as he dropped the gun. You were normally a rational person, and you knew that any individual with an actual brain would scramble to snatch the weapon and quickly shoot your opponent. He had not only tried to kill you a few minutes ago, however it had also happened in the past and that proved his violet behavior could easily end you. Your brain was screaming at you to stand and run past him, to look deeper in search for Chanyeol and get out because you had almost an hour left at best. But your curiosity and your heart was forcing you to stay locked in the same position, your eyes clouded with disbelief as you noticed the once terrifying male crumble into a pitiful boy right in front of you. “Basement 4 is where you will find him. I can help you turn the power off so that the gas and the mine fields don’t work anymore.” At this point, he had sunk down onto his knees and his hands covered his face as he shook his head lightly and you couldn’t help but move into a sitting position as you moved closer to him. Your eyebrows furrowed together in confusion, and at the same time your heart skipped a beat when you realized that you were going to actually find Chanyeol at this point. However, you wanted to focus your attention on Jin at that moment, and you found your own fingers covering his and pulling them away so that you could stare deeply into his eyes. “Why are you helping me?” “You’re called Experiment #2 here, you were the one who worked out. All the data and files were successfully moved into your muscles and nothing went wrong, you grew up perfectly with your father.”“I’m Experiment #1”You listened intently as Jin unraveled before your eyes. Kim Seokjin was born and raised in a small home, he didn’t have much money but whatever was lacking from that was made up with unconditional love. His parents were warm and friendly and taught him from a young age that hard work was the way to go, and before he was even introduced to the world he was accepted with open arms. Although they didn’t have much, he was one of the happiest people on earth. He grew into a modest young man and an excellent student, proudly perching himself at the top of his class with straight As and amazing test scores. He was accepted into a very well-known college and he even had a girlfriend of 2 years who he loved dearly. Things were going extremely well for him, however the problem was money.Seokjin didn’t want his parents to give up their everything for his education, he was in dire need of some cash that could cover his college fees and also put his family in a better home. When your father, whose initials were TBM, sought after Jin and asked if he was willing to take part in a little experiment for a lot of cash, the boy fell right into his trap. After school he was forced to decline dates with his girlfriend and instead go to this very building, preparing for what was to come. He told you that he had no idea what they were going to actually do to him because they never told him, however he was beginning to get paid and he didn’t want to stop there. He remembered the last time he saw his girlfriend, they had gotten into a fight right before he went to the hideout of BTS and he never saw her again. They forced surgery onto him and attempted to implant the data into his body as he refused their touch, and when he woke up, he learned that the procedure had failed and left him with multiple scars. From his failed experiment, they realized they needed someone younger and without a family for the surgery to work. They used him as a tester for you to succeed. Afterwards, he was ready to go home and attempt to explain what had happened to his parents, tears welling up in his eyes as he looked at his once handsome face and knew that his folks probably wouldn’t recognize him. However, your father refused to let him go and locked up him because he now had the information of what they were doing and it was way too risky to let him go. Jin lost himself, he screamed and cried and banged on the doors to let him out but for years he was forced to stay until he lost all sanity. At one point though, he managed to get out and breathe the fresh air as he ran with all his might back home. He was sobbing as he reached the front door and already began to apologize for going missing all those years, announcing he was more than ready to go to school and reunite with his family. When he walked into the living room though, the entire house was vacant of all furniture and a very familiar man was standing and waiting for him.Your father told him that his parents were killed in a car crash and that his girlfriend moved far away, it was useless to return looking so battered and that it would simply be more beneficial to return with him. He made Jin a promise to promote him as a mafia member with an actual room, and maybe he could help locate his missing girlfriend. Jin realized he had no life anymore, and he simply returned defeated and that led him to now. He explained that he had proved his worth to TBM, and the boss ended up allowing him to go and retrieve you from Chanyeol. When he managed to take you away and drug you, he not only used Chloroform, he also used a Hallucinatory drug. When he stopped at a bar, he realized how deep he was involved and how innocent you were and that led him to simply leave. You ended up waking up in his absence and leaving the car all drugged up, finding Kyungsoo along the way. You hallucinated the part of Jin dying, and in order to make sure that was true you used your walkie talkie to communicate with Kyungsoo and he confirmed that was correct. He had never shot Jin, he merely found you and brought you back. Because Jin failed in his mission, he was thrown into the basement like Chanyeol and when he found you just now, he thought you were a mafia member that came back to throw a few punches and tease him which caused him to attack. He wanted to shoot you at that moment because all of his suffering was built you for you to simply succeed, and he could have let out his rage at that very moment and yet he didn’t. He was smart enough to realize you weren’t the bad guy here, it was TBM. He told you that he lost his chance at a life full of love and he didn’t want you to lose it as well. You helped him up and held him in a tight embrace, and he felt like an older brother or a guardian you never had. You communicated with Kyungsoo and soon enough Jin helped to shut off the power momentarily so that Kyungsoo could get through the minefield and find you guys in the basement. Just like that, you three were going to go to the Basement that contained Chanyeol.
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