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When I said I love you with all of my heart it wasn't a joke I meant it, when I said I'll never let go it wasn't because I didn't want to but because I couldn't, when I said my soul belongs to you I was serious, Now that I've lost you I feel pain in my chest a pain so great that when I smile I cry when I laugh it hurts when I talk I stutter, I've lost feeling once more I feel lost and empty my soul abandoned me and stayed with you my heart was taken by you not just a piece but the whole thing I've never felt this empty and hollow inside everything I do and say reminds me of you, you've never left my mind you're always there I gave you everything and stayed with only the pain and tears I have no regrets because even in this state I still love you and I know that I will always wait upon your return
I don't only care I love her as well and thank you
@GabrielOrea So sweet!!
Beautiful!! I'm sorry you have to wait on this persons return :( sounds like you really care