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//Oh would you look at that, I actually uploaded the first chapter. I hope you guys like it, lemme know if there's anything I can fix or if I should put up the next chapter as well!! There is a lot of swearing in this btw\\ "Dawn... Dawn!.... GET YOUR ASS UP!" I gasp and snap open my eyes, "What the actual fuck, Alex?!" I growl at my brother, punching him in the arm. He laughs, "Planes landed we were just waiting on your lazy ass." He struts away, probably to find his baggage that Cheyanne hid while he was asleep. I swear to god, he is so gay. I chuckle to myself, heaving myself out of the plane seat. I stretch my legs with a content sigh, looking out the window. Seoul, South Korea. And it only took 3 hours to get here. This has to be one of my favorite cities to perform in. Hopefully I don't get hopelessly lost again... Who do I think I'm kidding, of course I'm going to get lost. Now would probably be a good time for a bit of explaining. Three of my best friends, my brother, our little sister, and I make up the group Horizon. We work differently than most groups, when we book gigs we put up a list and the fans vote for which song they want to see us perform. We take the top songs and those are the ones we do. Now, we're mostly famous for doing covers though sometimes we'll take a song and choreograph a different dance for it. My personal favorite part of the job is watching my twin brother do dances like Gee by Girls Generation and Ooh Ahh by TWICE. So yeah, now that that's out of the way, where was I? Oh yeah, the plane. I grab my carry on bag from under the seat and make my way past a giggling Anika, she's my adopted little sister, and a confused Alex. I exit the plane and enter the actual airport. I walk over to find the rest of the group. The first I notice is Kristina, the eldest member and pretty much our manager, who is, of course, on the phone. Probably with the hotel, she doesn't look too pleased. I walk past her, waving and she nods in acknowledgement. I move over to Cheyanne and Yeein, we all call her Yee though. "Hey Chey, did you hide Alex's bag again?" "You mean this bag?" She smirks and holds up a duffle bag. "Yes, that one." I laugh and look out to see Alex and Anika making their way inside, "Speak of the devil, here he comes now." Yee chuckles and goes back to whatever she was doing on her phone. Once Alex and Anika join us, Kristina walks over sighing in annoyance. "Okay, so our usual hotel is booked so I had to find us a different one." The rest of us groan, we lift ourselves off the bench to go get our luggage and climb into the van we rented. Kristina drives us to the hotel and checks us in, she turns to us giving Yee the other room key "Alright children you know the rules, curfew is 11 cause we have to get up early and always make sure at least one of us knows where you are at all times." After a chorus of 'Yes mother' and 'Yes ma'am's we all pile into our rooms, unpacking what we can. I'm sharing a room with my siblings and the other room is Yee, Kristina, and Cheyanne. After unpacking, Alex goes to take another nap and Anika turns on the TV. I throw on a sweatshirt and a mouth mask, "I'm going for a walk!" I shout over my shoulder. "Don't get too lost!" I hear Anika shout back. I plug both of my head phones in and walk down the street nodding my head and humming to Stephen's Crossfire. After about 20 minutes I figure I should head back so I look around. And slowly I realize I have no clue where I am..... Fuck...
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