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this anime is a emotional roll coaster. it will drag you soul out weather you like it or not. I am a person who dost like to express him self but this anime had me choking on my heart. I was fight as hard as I it is highly recommended from me on this fact alone. so watch on your own accord
(shokugeki no soma) this is a high intent and out right funny anime it has a good story but to me it was good on an entertainment aspects I would rank this a 5 out 10 it I had too
this anime awesome it have a little bit of everything in it and it's 3 season with a sub serious called certain scientific railgun having 2 seasons I have watched this about 10 to 15 times and I still like it
yahari ore no seishun this is one of my top ten recommend animes I watch a lot this is about an out cast loner type mc it is both sad and happy it will strike a cored with you but it will stick it has 2 seasons so far
ok I know what this looks like but a friend of mine suggested it it is in fact a BL idk why I watched it but in the end I kind of like so for my female viewers if you like bl I suggest this to you but other than that I have no others
this is a vary guy anime if you like big busts and violence I suggest this anime I liked it a love watch it twice
gakusen toshi asterisk is a vary different type of anime it is both action. and mysterious if you like a well built story this will be a start but it also ends with a cliffhanger
nanatsu no taizai aka the 7 deadly sins it is what you would expect of its name blood gore and so much more
as for my old school throw back (maburaho) it is as it look it a harem but also a love story with some comedy and and tragic moment I watch this even so often just to reminisce over the older days
I know I said Sunday but my sisters car was stolen and I was out looking for it if you like the animes I've picked let me know and if you don't give me your feed back and or recommendation a I'll look in to them and post my feed back