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Summary: Jungkook couldn’t help but notice that Lost Stars is your favorite song, and wanted to cover it just for you.

Member: Jungkook x Reader

Type: Fluff

Length: 1,412 Words

He stared at you from across the lunch room. There was something just so mesmerizing about you. The way you tapped your pen against the table, tapping it in rhythm with the music inside your head. The way you crossed your feet at the ankles beneath your desk, winging them back and forth innocently. The way you stared out the window absentmindedly during the middle of the history. Especially the way you would hum to yourself. It was clear you didn’t realize you were doing it, but he liked it. Whenever he got the chance, he would try to hear your sweet humming. You looked back, seeing him looking at you and gave him a quizzical look. He snapped out of his day dream of you and tried his best to keep a poker face. You made a silly face in his direction. He smiled, a goofy smile, and tried to contain his laughter. The teacher looked at him. “Mr. Jeon, is there something funny?” She asked in annoyance. This, of course, was not the first time Jungkook or you were scolded by your teachers for goofing around during class. Jungkook dropped his gaze to his text books and tried to keep his chuckle in. You chuckled as well, glancing back out the window to lose yourself in your thoughts once again. “So, what should we get for lunch? Cardboard pizza or mystery meat sloppy joe?” You joked as you and Jungkook began to laugh. He nudged you forward towards the pizza line, but you chuckled and side stepped him, going around him and moving towards the vending machines. “Nah, I am more in the mood for stall chips and soda.” You told him as you waved him goodbye. He watched as you skipped off to the vending machines. He laughed at way you danced a little with each step. He knew that you were probably humming to yourself again. He walked along with the group of students in line for the pizza. But he stared at you. He watched as you grabbed your food out of the vending machine, waving hello to other students as they passed you. You had a big smile on your face, laughing as someone said something to you. You made your way towards your seat at your usual lunch table. Jimin, Taehyung, Chaewon, and Wheein sat at the table and waited for the two of you to join them. “How can I help you?” The lunch lady said for the second time. Jungkook looked up in shock and quickly asked for a piece of sausage pizza. He stared down at the unappetizing rectangle placed on his tray. He also asked for a soda as he looked over to where you had been walking, but he didn’t see you. He looked around for a moment, blindly handing his money to the lunch lady. You felt someone tap on your shoulder. Just as you started to turn your head, a finger poked you on the cheek to stop you from turning your head all the way. “Why are you looking around like an owl?” You asked from behind Jungkook. He laughed at the synonym. He turned completely and started to walk with you to the table. He ignored the question, not wanting to admit that he was looking for you. “There you two are. Gosh, we really started thinking that the two of you were off making out or something.” Taehyung teased as the two of you reached the table. You laughed, telling him to shut up, as Jungkook began to blush slightly. He could feel his ears turning red, but prayed you wouldn’t notice. Lucky for him, you didn’t. Your attention had been drawn away by something that Chaewon was talking about. Jungkook took a seat beside you. “So I have been thinking what would be really cool if we all go out this weekend. Since me and Chaewon are dating, and Taehyung and Wheein are taking, we could all go on like a triple date together.” Jimin suggested as he smiled mockingly towards Jungkook. “I mean, you two aren’t dating, but since there is an even number of us… We wouldn’t want to exclude you two.” Jungkook stared at his friend seriously. He knew he was going to regret telling them about is crush on you, but he never thought they were going to be so obvious about it. “Yeah! That sounds like it would be so much fun!” You said excitedly as you heard that you were going to be included. Ever since the other two couples became official, it had been a lot less of the six of you, and just the four of them. Jungkook glanced at you from the corner of his eye. You were smiling and listening as the girls started to gush over ideas for the triple ‘date.’ As you listened, you started to absentmindedly hum once again to yourself. However, this time you added a few of the words. You sang quietly though, too quiet for anyone else in the lunch table to hear, unless they really tried to listen like Jungkook was. “Who are we? Just a speck of dust within the galaxy? Woe is me. If we’re not careful turns into reality” He thought about the words you sang. He had heard the lines before, He had heard them a few times, but he couldn’t place it.He started to quietly sing the lines to the rhythm of your humming. “Ah!” He called out suddenly. The lunch table looked at him in confusion, wondering what had gotten into him. He blushed even more and quickly got up. “Hey, after school do you think you could meet me in the music room?” He asked you quickly. You looked up in confusion but nodded your head. He hurried off, leaving everyone perplexed. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------As soon as the school bell rang, you hurried out of your last class and straight to the music room. You had no idea what Jungkook was planning, but you had to admit, you couldn’t help but anxiously wait for your classes to end. You stopped in front of the music room and waited for the other students to file out. You entered the room as soon as it was empty and waited for Kookie. He came in not too long after you. He hurried over to you. “Hey (Y/N), sorry I’m late. There were too many students who seemed to forget how to walk halfway through the hall.” He explained in a hurried voice. He took your hands and pulled you towards a chair. It was across from another seat at the center of the room. “Anyways, I wanted to show you this. I am sorry if it isn’t great. I didn’t have much time to look over the music notes during my classes, but I think I got it down.” He said and grabbed one of the guitars off the stands. He took a seat and started to flex his fingers. He wiped the sweat off his hands. With a deep breath, he started to strum the strings. The guitar was clearly out of key, causing you to giggle. Jungkook’s eyes widened in embarrassment. “Ugh! Sorry.” He said as he started to tune the guitar. He did it as quickly as he could. You smiled as you saw how jittery he was. He took another deep breath and started to strum the guitar again. This time everything seemed to fall into place. He opened his mouth and the lyrics of Lost Stars by Adam Levine flowed out. You gasped when you heard your favorite song being sung so beautifully. You stared at him, a smile plastered to your face, and your eyes gleaming with tears of joy. “Kookie, that was beautiful.” You said as soon as he was done singing. He smiled at you; embarrassed but excited. “I wanted to sing this to you because I know how much you like it. And I wanted to show you how much I like you.” He explained sweetly. Your eyes widened and your smile shrunk into a bashful grin. “Since we are going on that triple date, I thought it would be easier if we were actually a couple…”You nodded quickly, getting up to your feet and walking up to him. “I would absolutely love that.” You confessed to him as you leaned down, moving his guitar out of the way so you could kiss him.
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