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We GOT Married
First things first, S/O to @sarabear1021 for making this cute game! You can find the original card on her page. Secondly I thought posting my results today would be a good idea such it is JACKSON'S WILD AND SEXY TUESDAY! I hope you guys this and feel free to like and clip the card!
This is my husband The Wild and Sexy JACKSON OPPA!!Look at those lips !
THESE ARE OUR RINGS ENDLESS LOVE ...that's the perfect way to describe our love. I will always love you
THIS IS MY DRESS This is such a beautiful and lovely dress but I definitely don't have the figure for it.
OUR HONEYMOON Look at that beautiful water....so romantic ...just like you Oppa
OUR FIRST HOME TOGETHER It is much too big for my liking ,but you know if Jackson likes it I do too!
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Hold on
a year ago·Reply
@EmilyGardner I looked at all her cards and I didn't find . I messaged her about it
a year ago·Reply
you married my bae :'(
a year ago·Reply
@PrettieeEmm Sorry lol
a year ago·Reply
@AaliyahNewbell I found it or I think I did
a year ago·Reply