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For more info go to these cards; Let me go over the rules first; 1). Follow the collection 'Escaping Rehab.' This is a must, sometimes I forget to tag 1 or 2 people. Following will help that. 2). Comments & Votes. I love it when people vote and comment, it gets me motivated and excited to do the next part. 3). No fighting. This hardly happens, but it still does so don't fight. 4). This is not first come first serve. If you apply last, then it's okay. You still have a chance for getting in. 5). Don't get butthurt if you don't get chosen. If you don't get chosen, please don't start hating on me or anyone that has been accepted. If you get chosen and are rubbing it on other people's faces, I'll remove you. 6). BE ACTIVE I understand if you tell me that you won't be active, but if you don't let me know or something after I update like 5 times, I'll gladly give the spot to someone else. 7). Have fun applying! 8). Chat Room. You have to have some sort of chatting room app. Maybe like Kik or Kakao Talk I don't want to go around hunting people down when I have an announcement. 9) Password. It is required to put a password at the end as of notice that you read the rules.

Password; Heart Like Yours

You can reserve a spot but only for two days. Once those two days are over, your reserved spot will be taken. One more thing; Every position will have up to 3 slots. That means that once I get 3 forms for a person; it is going to be closed and you won't be able to choose that position. Remember; You have to fill out a male and female with only one position. You can make other forms for a different position but you can't mingle them together.
Name; Position; {Choose One} (females) -Schizophrenic -Suicidal -Drug Addict -Bullimic -Border Liner -Psychic -Doctor (Males) -Psychopath -Euphoric -Parasomniac -Doctor -2nd Doctor -Psychiatrist -Cop Personality; (Has to revolve around your position) Birthday/Age/Place of Birth; Height; Weight; Hometown; Background; (Her family; type of friends; Hometown; etc.) Past; (What made your character this way? Her school life; life at home; How was she before?) How did you end up in rehab? (Details please.) Likes/dislikes; Pet peeves; What kind of mindset does your character have? (Are they easily persuaded? Do they go with whatever their gut tells them? Do they need 12339 details to finally agree with something?) Hobbies; Face Claim; {Choose Any} (×)< This sign means that This face claim is taken. (÷)< This sign means that it's not taken. !Females! ~~~~ F(x) ÷Amber ÷Victoria ÷Krystal The Ark ÷Yujin ÷Jae-In ÷Minju AOA ÷Jimin ÷Mina ÷Seolhyun Red Velvet ÷Irene ÷Joy ÷Wendy Lovelyz ÷Babysoul ÷Mi-joo ÷Su-Jeong EXID ÷Hani ÷Le ÷Solji 2NE1 ÷CL ÷Minzy ÷Sandara Other Artists ÷Ailee ÷IU ÷Cheetah ÷Jessi ÷Yoon Mi Rae [You can choose others, but I prefer these.] ¡Males¡ ~~~ GOT7 BTS ㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇㅇ How did you two first meet? How do you act around each other? (Example; He; acts cold She; acts friendly Something around those lines please) Requested Scenes; What makes you different from other relationships? Are you open or secret? (Do you let people know that you two are in a relationship or do you keep it a secret?) Password; ¤Extra Points¤ What would you like to say to the author?
You can submit these through various places; Kakao Talk; HeyyMichelle Kik; Miraclesxx Through PM The due date for the form will be March 5th, for two applications must be submitted.
idk wtf is going on I'm sorry
can I be a weird crazy person I mean I'm every where lol
like this /-\ minhae I'm asking so much
Name; max Position; -Psychic   Personality; Blunt Birthday/Age/Place of Birth; October 31 19 New York Height; 5'0 Weight; 125 Hometown; Busan, South Korea Background; parents aren't home often, no friends Past; picked on, physically abused by other, parents never cared How did you end up in rehab? Kept starting fights with others because they kept calling her crazy and people started making rumors that she could see "things " and said she needed to be fixed which her parents got sick of the phone calls and put her into rehab when the only thing she did was tell people who they really are. Likes/dislikes; dislikes liar's, likes quiet Pet peeves; biting nails What kind of mindset does your character have? : they go with whatever their gut tells them Hobbies; listening to music Face Claim; IU
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