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lmao *If sora can only have riku or kairi who would you want him to have?*
I would love for Sora and Riku to be together. I think they have more of a bond. they were friends before Kairi got to the island. also I live by this scene to ship them. anyway really funny poor Kairi gets ignored.
KH is my one of my favorite game but I won't lie the whole looking for riku thing thing was a little way too deep and then around the end when they were on that island.... how long were they on that island? and what did they do on the island?
@GeneAgudo I know what you mean dude. And yes I know at the risk of sounding pervy I found a funny glitch once when playing KH2. I had to put the controller down and run a guick errand and when I came back the camera was spinning around slowly from all sorts of angles and it just so happened to pass under her dress-skirt thing and you see her white shirt underneath and it almost looks like shes wearing white panties. Pervy yes yes I know but it was still funny. It was in the room with all the grave stones vefore the final boss XD
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