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You tease me Drive me crazy With enough want Making words blunt Lips, words, kisses Make me your missus You are mine alone Lively talk, a moan I am yours forever Let me go never I want to feel this Nothing to miss "Join me in the shower," You say within night hour Thoughts are wild in mind A weakness, you find This emotion for you It is flowing true... This need for touch It is so much A yearning A burning So hold me tonight Our future is bright Kiss me now And I'll bow To you, my king And I will sing About our love To skies above And hell below If you never go I am your queen And by that I mean We rule together Now and forever...
Ah... This one was quite... intense? You could say that, but at least this one wasn't morbid or heart breaking. I thought this was fun to write and intriguing. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Thank you for reading! And a special thanks for @AnimeFan4Evr for still putting up with my random posts and reading my poetry.