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King and Queen by Mistress Siren
You tease me Drive me crazy With enough want Making words blunt Lips, words, kisses Make me your missus You are mine alone Lively talk, a moan I am yours forever Let me go never I want to feel this Nothing to miss "Join me in the shower," You say within night hour Thoughts are wild in mind A weakness, you find This emotion for you It is flowing true... This need for touch It is so much A yearning A burning So hold me tonight Our future is bright Kiss me now And I'll bow To you, my king And I will sing About our love To skies above And hell below If you never go I am your queen And by that I mean We rule together Now and forever...
Ah... This one was quite... intense? You could say that, but at least this one wasn't morbid or heart breaking. I thought this was fun to write and intriguing. I hope you all enjoyed it as much as I did writing it. Thank you for reading! And a special thanks for @AnimeFan4Evr for still putting up with my random posts and reading my poetry.