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I've been watching this drama recently and I'm loving the casts, but can anyone tell me the name the martial art with the long stick called?
If you havent started watching this. I totally recommend it.
i and 3 episodes behind but you kind of put two and two together as you watch it...
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I started & it starting to make sense also I ship the guys to much, wooang but I love it.
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I LOVE THIS SHOW! The guy with the stick's name is Chi Ang... If you don't already know by now.
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@SassyMaknae Ik that ㅋㅋㅋ He's a member of VIXX 😍HongBin
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@EmilyGardner Who doesn't ship those guys😆 "Stop smiling, I'm starting to like you "😂😂😂
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