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First Date Food: Is There A Limit?

I have so many friends who tell me that certain foods are certainly not 'first date foods' - maybe it's something laborious like crab legs or something messy like hamburgers. It could even be something cheap like Taco Bell that get the first date red flag.
Personally, I don't give a crap. And I tend to date guys who equally don't give a crap. To err is human, as is unhinging your jaw to get a double cheeseburger in your mouth in one crazy big bite.
Still, I want to know YOUR opinions. Are there any foods you would flat out avoid when you're out on a first date? Was there a first date food you seriously regretted eating? How do you prefer to eat on first dates?
I've eat burgers and wings on a date, and you really aren't "supposed" to do that. But eh, if they can't handle it, then it's their loss ;)
@petname83 LMAO TRUER WORDS HAVE NEVER BEEN SPOKEN. I'm definitely the same way.
I try to avoid messy or "involved" foods like wings or crab legs on the first date. This is so I can stay focused on our conversation and chemistry instead of on my food and or the sauce that might be on my fingers/face. That said I had a guy take me to BWW and challenge me to a wing eating contest on a first date and it went well.
If I have to fake my eating on a date, then he ain't the guy for me.
I eat whatever i want lol. I might be a little considerate about the prices if he's paying (as he should). But i eat spaghettiiii, burgers, whateverrr
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