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Ch. 9
"Hey Y/N, how are you doing? I hope you don't mind me stopping by today. I had it off and wanted to hang out with you." Tae said giving you his biggest smile. You smile back letting him into your apartment.
"Do you want a drink?" You ask him as you make your way to the kitchen to make something to eat.
"Yeah sure, some water would be great, it's a little warm today." Tae took the stool in front of the kitchen island. You hand him a glass of ice water. He nods his head in thanks and drinks it in one shot.
"You were thirsty. Did you just get out of practice or something?" you ask him. You decided that some cereal was good and made yourself a bowl. "Do you want anything to eat?" you ask Tae, he just shakes his head no placing the glass down on the surface.
"I was thinking of taking you out for a lunch date." Tae said. You look up from your cereal and smiled. You had some cereal on your chin and Tae laughed. You gave him a look and he gets up from his seat and walks over to you. He gets extra close to you and you can see in his eyes that he wants something more. You jumped a little when he touches your chin wiping off the cereal. "You had some cereal on your chin." He said in a deep sexy tone. You found it a little hard to swallow and catch your breath. Tae pats you on the head before turning around. "Oh you might wanna change clothes, unless you want to go out in your Pj's." You look down remembering what you're wearing. You place the bowl in the sink and run to your room to change into something more suitable for hanging out with a friend.
While you were getting dressed you stopped as you remembered what just happened, Tae was awfully close to you just now and his voice was velvet and smooth like chocolate. You shake your head, what were you thinking. You couldn't like Tae in that way, he's just a friend plus you had the love of your life back. You slap your face lightly to get back to normal before opening the door and heading out with Tae.
"So what's your plans today Tae?" You ask as your putting your helmet on before getting behind him on his bike. Tae doesn't answer right way just smiles at you.
"It's a surprise." He said as he takes your arms and wrap them around his waist. "Hold on tight." You guys leave the city on his bike, you were enjoying the ride and not really caring about the destination. You didn't even realize when you left the city and ended in the country. When you started to look around, it was very beautiful, the trees had just started turning colors the sky was a beautiful blue. Finally the bike was slowing down and eventually came to a stop.
"Here we are. I hope you enjoy this place." Tae said as both of you got off the bike taking your helmets off placing them on the bike. You start stretching your arms and legs walking towards the water. Tae had brought you to a lake with beautiful trees. He knew how much you loved nature.
"Wow, this place is beautiful Tae." You walk towards the lake, watching the water shine from the sun hitting the water. You didn't notice Tae coming up behind you until you felt him wrap his arms around you in a back hug. Your eyes grow wide with shock and you turn your head but Tae stops you.
"Please listen to me." Tae whispers into your ear. You can't move afraid of what he might say you close your eyes hoping to be wrong. But deep down your instinct was right.
"I'm in love with you Y/N." Tae lets out a sigh, feeling the weight coming off his chest as he confesses to you. "I know Key is back in your life but I was wondering if you could give me a chance." You turn around to face Tae seeing his big rectangular smile decrease as you just stared at his face for a moment.
"Tae, I like you, you where there for me when I needed comforting I will always be grateful for that." Tae's smile finally disappears and he pushes him self away. Tae didn't want to listen anymore, he couldn't he knew the answer but still didn't want to hear it. His heart wasn't going to be able to handle the rejection.
"Hey, enough I don't want to hear anything. Lets just hang out today okay!" Tae forces a smile and grabs your hand taking you down to the dock the both of you take your shoes off and sit down dangling your feet over the edge just enough to put your ankles in the water. It was nice and chilly, but not pins and needles cold to your skin. You sat there talking for what seemed like hours when your stomach starts to growl.
"Ahhh, someone needs to eat." Tae said with a laugh, then his stomach growled too. You slap him on the arm.
"You too apparently, did you bring any food or do we need to go?" you ask as you started pulled your feet out of the water and standing up to leave, Tae follows suit and the both of you start walking towards his bike. Tae had a towel in his shoulder bag and handed it to you so you could dry your feet before putting your socks and shoes back on.
"There's a family restaurant down the road we can eat at." Tae explains as he drys his feet and puts his shoes and socks on. You nod your head in agreement and place the helmet on your head before getting situated on the bike. You didn't want to think about Tae's confession, all you wanted right now was food, and to hurry back home to see Key again.