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Ch. 10
You finally reach your apartment. You see someone standing at your door, when you realize its Key you smile from ear to ear and suddenly Tae couldn’t stop the bike fast enough. You almost fall of the bike getting off.
“Thanks for the picnic Tae, it was a lot of fun.” You give Tae a smile as you hand him the helmet. Tae just smiles back. You adjust your messenger bag and turn around running to your door. As Tae watches you looking so excited so happy, wishing it was him you were running to like that.
“Kibum!” you shout at Key as he turns around to see you running towards him he gives you a big smile. Key embraces you as you finally land on him. He starts to laugh at your behavior.
“Hey Y/N, where have you been?” Key asks as he pulls you off of him.
“My friend Tae took me out for the day.” Key looks over your shoulder.
“You mean that guy over there on the bike?” you turn around to find Tae hadn’t left yet. You nod your head as Key just smiles and waves at Tae. Tae nods his head and starts his bike and rides off.
You grab your keys and start opening the door. Key and you enter your apartment; Key had brought a bag of groceries.
“Make yourself at home, I’m gonna go change.” You tell Key as you head towards your bedroom. Key walks towards the kitchen pulling out vegetables and salmon. You come back from your room in a pair of sweat pants a tank top with your BTS hoodie. You climb into the chair at the bar watching as Key starts to prepare dinner for the both of you.
Key sees you’re watching him and smiles. “You want to help me?” You look up surprised, he knows you can’t cook, you burn yourself or cut yourself, you have fully convinced yourself that the kitchen is the one place you shouldn’t be. But since it’s been so long you couldn’t resist and nod your head.
“Sure, but you know I have no place in the kitchen.” Key looks at you like it’s the first time he’s ever heard that.
“I’ll teach you.” Key replies when he sees your confused face. Key doesn’t remember that you couldn’t cook; your source of food was take away, Key, or Kristin cooking for you. You get up from your chair walk around the island.
“Teach me oh almighty sensei.” You tell Key with a smile on your face you bow with your hands in front of your chest. Key just laughs.
“Okay, take this knife and the lettuce, place it here on the board and slice off the end here. Key places your hands on the head of lettuce and knife while his hands cup over yours guiding you as you slice the lettuce. You feel Key’s head on your shoulder, feeling his breath on your neck. You realize he moves his body closer to yours and as your slowly cutting the lettuce your holding your breath. Key notices your body tensing up and your holding your breath.
“You’re doing good, are you okay?” Key asks you and you nod your head clearing your throat before responding with a sharp “Yes.”
Key takes his hands off yours and your thinking he’s going to pull away quickly so you were prepared to lean into the counter for support. When you feel him slowly slipping away he gently places a kiss on your neck.
Tae’s POV
Tae could have kicked himself for just leaving without a proper introduction and maybe to push his way into the sweet reunion. But what stopped him? Your smile the face the way it just lit up when you saw it was Key standing at your door flashed into his mind. “Ahh, that’s it he couldn’t do anything because he didn’t want that smile to disappear but most importantly he didn’t want to cause the smile to go away for him being jealous.”
Before Tae heads back to the dorm he finds a local bar and gets a couple of drinks. He starts playing with his phone when it rings and it’s Jin.
“Hey, where are you man, we need to practice.” Jin waited for a response and didn’t receive one. “Hey, Tae, Tae.” Jin keeps calling out to him and Tae just mouths words he wants to speak but no sounds are coming out. Finally he found his voice.
“I’m here Jin, I’m about a block away from the studio I’ll meet you guys there okay.” Tae ends the call. Jin looks at Namjoon.
“Did you get a hold of him?” Jin just nods his head, but he didn’t say what state Tae was in, he knew that Tae had been drinking and that practice wasn’t going to go well. Jin hoped that Tae didn’t over do it on the drinking and at least practice would go well for them, they had a tight schedule this month and although he knew it was going to be rough but Tae had to hold his feelings inside for awhile.
“Hey Jungkook, come here.” The younger walks over to Jin.
“What’s up?” Jungkook asks as he takes a bite of an apple.
“I need you to take care of Tae tonight, he’s not himself.” Jungkook just looks at Jin with a blank face and nods okay. Jin pats Jungkook on the back.
“Let’s go practice.” The two headed for the door.