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Finally! The long wait is over! LMH's most-awaited Concert Tour has finally started! It was held at Kyunghee University at Seoul, SK. As usual, a press conference started the event and as expected, there had already been a long queue of Minoz who will watch the concert proper which started @ 5PM KST. I'm not really sure of what happened during the duration of the concert but I'm pretty sure that it has been an enjoyable one upon seeing those pictures above. Oppa even danced! Well, I congratulate the girl who was hugged by oppa. I'm sure that you just had your "dream-come-true moment." If likened to a drama series, this event is just the first episode. I'm looking forward to seeing you, oppa!
he was dancing!!!
wanna watch the videos of the day he's having his concert.
ermOzho mii Oppa♥