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We've all had those moments where an anime forcibly pushes us onto this all expenses paid, Feels Train by killing off one of our favorite characters. (A major anime known for this is called Akame ga Kill, check it out)....
BUT I'M NOT HERE TO TALK ABOUT AKAME GA KILL!!! I'M HERE TO TALK ABOUT ONE OF THE SADDEST DEATHS EVER (in my opinion) IN ANIME HISTORY!!!!!!! This death was so impactful yet dealt with a major boost in storyline and character development. Yes, I'm talking about the death of the one...and only...


Yes......yes, yes, yes. That's right. I'm sorry I had to bring this memory back from the depths of your heart and soul to all you fans out there but...it truly was a death I still to this day, can't get over.
Kamina comes from a brilliant, vividly constructed anime called 'Gurren Lagann', or also known in Japan as 'Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann'. It takes place in a future where Earth is ruled by the Spiral King, Lordgenome, who forces mankind to live in isolated subterranean villages. The plot focuses on two teenagers living in a subterranean village, Simon and Kamina, who wish to go to the surface. Using a mecha known as Lagann, Simon and Kamina reach the surface and start fighting alongside other humans against Lordgenome's forces.
We all know, a lot of deaths in anime are rootly based on the way another character will handle and develop from the tragedy. Kamina's death was COMPLETELY based on his bro, Simon's, development into what he becomes further in the series. But one thing Kamina was, was a fighter. His last breath was taken on the battlefield. A true warrior to his last, dying breath
Kamina's death was so brutal, especially for an anime that seems just so light on the first glance. but simon definitely learned and grew from it. awesome card!
@skygrinderdrive you're an asshole LOL
@skygrinderdrive is that bout a brother and sister trying to survive the bombing? also if it is. thanks for ruining it for me
in my opinion, Hide's death got me good. Crying for a good five minutes and I don't cry much 馃槀
CLANNED AFTER STORY!!! where tomoya's kid dies in his arms T.T
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