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You can hear CL'S song in the first 10 min of the show and TOPS DOOM DADA is at 25:00 min. I saw the posting on my Facebook and had to watch it and see. and I found it . check it out. its Lucifer season 1, episode 5 'sweet kicks'. let me know what you think when you see it. sorry I couldn't post a link, and I couldn't find it on youtube. Just go to the FOX website and watch it, I'm not sure if it will want you to download the app or not. I had to download it but after I saw what I wanted I deleted it. so enough of me rambling...
What TOP is in there too?! I only heard about CL goddammit I miss a few episodes and all this Shit happens and I'm just destroying myself over here😠😠😠
@VIPFreak2NE1 omg I know the feeling! 😭
TOPs song is background music so you have to pay attention @VIPfreak2NE1
it's on hulu too.