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Ok, I get that there are people who don't like kpop, but JESUS! DON'T NEED TO RAIN ON OUR PARADE!
When my best friend and I were talking about exo the other day in class, this snobby b*tch was like, "oh, you listen to that stuff?" And gave us that look where she scans us up and down. I was like, "yeah we do. SO?" with the most attitude I could and she goes, "oh, nothing" and turns around.
I wanted to smack her so hard.
Don't feel bad for liking kpop, be proud.
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Kpop Haters make me so mad even though I can't force them to like it, I think they can handle not saying Shit to my face if you wanna talk bad about my Kpop then go do it behind my back because I will not guarantee your safety if I hear anything bad about my Kpop I am a very defensive person don't you dare馃槨 Man, typing this comment makes me want to punch all of the kpop haters that I've met so far 馃憡馃槵
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let's not be mad buuuuuut, exo beat 1D in album sales
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so that's me when I start talking about Kpop everybody will question it one time I told my friend to listen to monsta x hero she said it was ok for Korean music I said in my head what does "for Korean music mean" I was so mad at her that day.
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Thank you.... Thank you so much...
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