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It has been 4 months since the boys had left for a other tour you felt lonely without your ball of sunshine even though he call/texts everyday and when ever he can but it it sometimes worry you if he's eat well and if he's getting enough sleep. Just 2 more months the you can have your hope, your ball of sunshine back there wasn't any much to do and you didn't want to go out so you took a quick shower and took a nap. ~15 minutes later~ You feel arms around your waist thinking that it was just a dream you try to fall back asleep but you hear a voice.... A voice you wanted to hear for so long..... "J hope is that you? what are you doing here?" You really wanted to hug him but the person got up and went to your side you turn on the lamp and see the man you love on one knee holding the most beautiful ring you have ever seen. "Y/N i love you we be together for 7 years and throughout those years were the best i want to spend the rest of my life with you so will you-" You couldn't hold back the tears and just went to hug him "YES! YES! YES! YES! YES! AND YES!!!!" You were jumping in his arms he taking your hand putting on the ring then stealing it with a kiss~ Sup vingle familu i hope you guys enjoy the oneshot I'm sorry for not updating my oneshot >.< but our little baby jungkook is next tell me if you want to be tag in that. The other members: Suga oneshot V oneshot Jin oneshot Rap Monster oneshot Jimin oneshot ~Tagging the family ^.^ ~ @ExoAsf @ChelseaJay @EsmeraldaCayeta @tayunnie @DestineeLiu @Jinsprincess86 @Princessunicorn @Sarangseoltang @Baekyeol27 @Minimonkey07 @ARMYStarlight @Shinyyang15 @AlyMaldonado @Meeshell @ReynadeKpop @Traviscarte @bbyitskatie @sierraBecerra @Inaswinney @Lexxcisco @MadAndrea @JenJenkhraim @Mikim000 @exokpop12385 @LuanCordero @Jennelleorozco @EmilyGardner @HoangAnhDo @Vonna @KaiTakashima @Justsaiyanmaria @Kpopfanboy @JuanitaBooRiv @Vixenvivi @KpopandKimchi @Faelidora @LexTay327 @LaurenStrayhorn @BelencitaGarcia @xionheart @KaiChenExo @otakupopfan @funnelcakeboo @SolodaywithB1A4 @Tigerlily84 @Celesteyc @Marblue143 @DonnaLykaRoxas @Sarahdarwish @goodmanbethany @Kpopfangirl15 @Externallyeli @Ihiranthom13 @RedeuBelbet @AimeeH @Kpopdeluxegirl @Sherrysahar @Mercedesbenz98 @JoJoJordy2324 @ninjamidori @Aristay @BulletproofV @Deewice @tinafalcon22 @Ciabrizz @lunall71 @momochamie @deefran @Princess2328 @FalseLove @nnatalieg @annevictoraaa @JustcallmeKyki @JackieG1617 @Marisamusic @LilMcGriddle18 @Bubblebella @AlmaRangel @HayleyYates @Kpossible4250 @anarevilla34 @CrystalGuerra @CreeTheOtaku @LizaNightshade @SugaonTop @mellyortiz @CarolPantoja @MichelleIbarra
Adorable πŸ˜†
@funnelcakeboo I'm gald you like it. 😊
so cute 😺😽
You gotta love this ball of sunshine
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