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The formatting might be a little weird on here because I transferred it from Wattpad to Vingle, and I typed in some bold and italics that aren't showing up here. My Wattpad link is in my vingle profile!
All my chapters need editing! There are grammar errors and many other errors too.
Italics- Mei's thoughts or song lyrics
Mei's POV
I woke up from bed and started to get ready for the day. Once I was dressed, I made my way over to the kitchen and started boiling some water for tea and put some toast in the toaster oven. I turned on the TV for the news and weather reports.
"The highs 75 and the lows 70 with a slight breeze. A new report has just come in. Some of the Phantom Troupe members were reported seen around the area. Please be aware of your surroundings and be careful going out today."
Looks like I'll be wearing a light jacket outside today. Hopefully I don't see the Phantom Troupe today. I've got too much to think about right now. (AN: she's wearing the outfit in the cover photo for the story)
As soon as I hear the ding, I turn off the TV and take my toast out of the toaster oven. I butter my toast, then turn off the stove, pour the hot water into my favorite mug and put the tea packet in. My favorite tea is Blueberry tea. Yummmm! I take my breakfast, tea and book, Safe Haven by Nicholas Sparks, outside to the balcony and sit on the porch swing. The balcony overlooks the courtyard and the forrest beyond it, and beyond that I can see the little town that I work in. I finish eating my toast and I sip on my tea while reading my favorite author's book. After some time, I check the clock and get up from the porch swing. I bookmark the part where I stopped and put my dishes in the sink.
I grab my backpack and put my things in: some homework from Morel-san, my headphones, phone, MacBook Air, pencil case, camera, sketch pad, wallet, and gum. I usually don't need anything other than these things. Lastly, I grab my keys, on a lanyard, and lock up the place. I start heading to the main kitchen. When I walk in, I see Menchi-san and Buhara-san eating breakfast. I make my way over to the fridge and open it up to grab a Calpico (japanese drink) for the road.
"Ohayō gozaimasu, Menchi-san, Buhara-san!"
"Ohayō Mei-chan!"
"Well I'm headed off to work! I'll see you guys later tonight! Jā mata ne!"
"Jā mata ne!"
I head out of the building and start walking on the path into the woods. (AN: haha get the reference?)
I can't stop to take pictures today, otherwise I'll be late!
I quickened my pace and started making my way to Ayaka-san's once again.
Hmmm. I wonder what the hunter exam will be like. Of course it's gonna be hard, I just hope I don't die! The other hunters told me about last year's exam. I heard there was some clown guy that got disqualified for attempting to kill a judge! Clowns... *shivers* ugh I hate clowns! They're so creepy! I really hope he's not here this year. If he is, he'll most likely cause trouble. The other hunters said he leaks a lot of bloodlust and that I should be cautious of him if he returns. Great. Just great! I hope I make some friends...
My thoughts were interrupted when I realized I had arrived.
On the outside there's a large store-front window with pink, cursive painting that reads: Ayaka Honda's Flower Shop. It had hanging flower pots outside in front of the window and a bench right below the pots. Inside, to the left wall, there are refrigerators with fresh assortment of bouquets inside. To the right wall, there's the cash register and to the left of that are racks of flower seeds. Along the right wall, behind the counter are shelves of gardening supplies. In the middle is a large table with more flowers on it. Toward the back wall is the work counter where Ayaka-san and I put together the bouquets. It's lined with a bounty of ribbons, decorations and balloons along the wall. Behind the work counter is the storage closet where we keep maintenance supplies, flower supplies, and extra of whatever we need in there. Before I entered, I stopped and thought
I really like working here. I'm gonna miss this place.
I enter and immediately see Ayaka-san at the work counter. I greet her,
"Ohayo! Ayaka-san!" I say as I walk to the work room
"Ohayo! Mei-chan!" she replied.
I grabbed an apron and tied it around my waist and got started on some bouquet orders.
Ayaka-san calls out
"Mei-chan I'm heading out to the valley to get some flowers for a special order. Look after the shop for me! If I don't come back before your next shift then just close up shop for me."
And with that, I was alone in the flower shop. I put in my earbuds and started listening to Dance in the Dark by Lady Gaga (Nightcore version). I continued working on some orders while humming to the song.
Silicone, saline, poison, inject me
I'm a free bitch
I'm a free bitch
Some girls won't dance to the beat of the track
She won't walk away
But she won't look back
She looks good
But her boyfriend says she's a mess
She's a mess. She's a mess
Now the girl is stressed
She's a mess. She's a mess. She's a mess. She's a mess.
(Tellem', girls)
Baby loves to dance in the dark
'Cuz when he's lookin'
She falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Baby loves to dance in the dark
'Cuz when he's lookin'
She falls apart
Baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark (tellem', girls)
I noticed the door open and five people walked in.
Ooh this should be fun. Let's try to characterize them and see what I get.
The first guy was brawny and had really fluffy grey hair. He wore a white tank top and bear skins?
Okay... That's not weird at all. He looks the strongest physically, but how string is he mentally? He looks super cocky and will probably be the one to approach and threaten me.
I think to myself as I raise an eyebrow.
The next guy had short black hair and wore a trench coat that covered all the way up to his nose. There's some kind of skull symbol right where his mouth is I believe? and he's super short!
I bet he's stereotyped as a creeper or something, but when he takes off... If he takes off the trench oat he turns out to be really sexy or something. He seems strong physically and mentally and I can sense that he has a strong aura. Don't really wanna find out his Nen ability... I can already tell... Not gonna end well.
Next to him stood a short blonde haired boy who wore a lavender outfit with blue flats?
He seems like the brainy type, but ehhh who am I to judge. He seems fit enough. Maybe he just doesn't fight in hand to hand combat. He probably has a different method for fighting. Uhhhh he's smiling at me. Why's he smiling at me? No one else is... Oh don't tell me he's one of those 'I-smile-all-the-time-no-matter-what-the-situation-may-be-people!' Am I the only one who thinks he could have a chance with the Brady Bunch? No? Just me? Well okay then moving on.
Okay, then there was an older looking guy with long black hair tied up and he wore an old styled Japanese robe. He carried a sword by his side, wore sandals and had a light scruffy beard and a moist ache that looked like it belonged to a French person. (AN: I mean no offense to French people!)
He seems like the irrational type. He's probably average at Physical and mental strength, but my bet is that his strong point is his sword. That's probably why he keeps it so close to him. And by the way he sticks close to Mr. Muscle Man over there, he's probably the closest to him.
And last but not least, a woman with short blonde hair who wore a purple blazer, that showed way too much of her cleavage, a purple mini skirt and pink flats.
Why doesn't she wear a cami underneath or something! That's how you attract pedophiles! I can't seem to grasp what her strengths are though. She's a tricky,one indeed. Maybe she uses an alternate weapon like pony tail dude. She seems like a tough woman. She can probably handle herself in hand-to-hand combat. Maybe I'll just tap in really quick just to read her thoughts.
I left my ear buds in so it wouldn't look so obvious to what I was doing. Plus I know how to hide the fact that I'm a Nen user. Netero-san taught me these things in case I ever met criminals.
(AN: Bold- Pakunoda's thoughts)
Boss wants that Nen healing plant. I bet that girl knows where it is. If only I can just touch her, I can tap into her memories and find out where it's located.
Ahhh. So that's her Nen ability. She can see people's past just by touching them. Can't let her get near me. If I let her see my past, who knows what they'll use against me. I actually don't know anything about a Nen healing plant, but if Ayaka-san decided not to tell me, it was for a reason. She trusts me and tells me almost everything.
They're obviously apart of the notorious Phantom Troupe. I can't read minds right now. They'll immediately notice if they ask a question and I don't respond right away. I think it's better to act dumb for a while to figure out what they want to do.
The big brawny guy walked up to me, slammed his hands on the counter and smirked at me. I paused my music, looked up at him with an uninterested expression and said,
"Yes, can I help you with something?"
He sarcastically replies, "oh nothing. Continue on with what you were doing p, it's not like we wanted anything anyways."
"Okay" I reply.
I shrug my shoulders, play my music and continue humming while making the beautiful bouquet of pink and white Camellias. He looked like he was starting to get really irritated. It was really hard not to laugh.
Run, run, Her kiss is a vampire grin
The moon lights her way while she's howlin' at him
She looks good
But her boyfriend says she's a tramp
She's a tramp. She's a vamp
But she still does her dance
She's a tramp. She's a vamp
But she still kills the dance
(Tellem', girls)
Baby loves to dance in the dark
'Cuz when he's lookin'
She falls apart
Baby loves to dance in the dark
Baby loves to dance in the dark
'Cuz when he's lookin'
She falls apart
Baby loves to dance, loves to dance in the dark (tellem', girls)
He continued glaring at me, when I stopped the music and looked at him,
"Again, is there something you need?" I say with a bored expression.
They all stared at me with curious eyes.
"Hey kid. How old are you? Why are you working alone?" The brawny guy said with a hint of attitude in his voice.
"I'm thirteen. My boss stepped out for a moment. Why?" I said with an uninterested face.
The woman walks toward me and tries to extend her hand to me,
"Oh nothing it's just that we were looking for something and was wondering if you could help us."
I take the Camellias and swat her hand away with the bouquet saying,
"Excuse me, but I'm just a little OCD, so please don't touch me. If you want my help, keep your distance."
And with that, I pulled out my bottle of peach hand sanitizer from Bath & Body Works and poured half of the bottle into my hands and rubbed it in. I kept rubbing my hands together just to weird them out.
It's really hard not to laugh right now. I'm not sure how much longer I can sustain from laughing. >3<
She looked shocked, but still backed away. Her buddy tried to cover up by saying,
"Well it's just that this place is an easy target for robbers and you don't exactly look like the fighter type. Aren't you afraid of the Phantom Troupe?" He said with a cocky voice.
"No. Who are they? Are they a new band?!" I said to him with fake excitement and a fangirl grin on my face.
Pshh... I'm not stupid. Everyone knows who you are. You're on the news for crying out loud!
"No! They're not a new band! They're a murderous gang that steals what they want, when they want!" He shouts at me irritatedly. I stare at him with a confused look and say,
"Oh. Oops. Hope I don't run into them" I say with an innocent look on my face. What the hell do they want with a flower shop?
"Look kid. We don't wanna cause you any trouble. Well, a lot of trouble at least. Just tell us where the plant is and we'll be on our way."
"What plant? There's about a hundred different plants in here!" I tell him with a cheeky smile. At this point I'm just about giggling.
"You look like a nice kid. So do what we say while we're asking you nicely. We already know that the owner of this flower shop is a Botanical Hunter. We were made aware that she found a rare and Nen healing plant that could be sold for a hefty price so hand it over kid."
"First of all, my name is Mei, and second I don't have to do what you say."
"Well Mei, my name is Uvogin. My comrades here are Feitan, Shalnark, Nobunaga, and Pakunoda. Well if you don't hand it over, we'll just kill you and find it ourselves."
"How 'bout this. We settle this outside with a duel. If I can get you on your knees begging for me to stop, then you leave and never come back. If you can get me on the ground begging for my life, then I'll give you the plant. How 'bout it?"
"Sounds fair to me. We can use any method we want?"
"Yep. Can we head outside now? I got other stuff to do." I said while taking a glance at my phone for the time.
We step outside with the other Phantom Troupe members on the sidelines.
"You're in for a world of pain Mei. I won't go easy on you since you're acting so cocky" he said with an evil grin on his face.
"All I have to do is scream" I said with a smirk.
His evil grin was immediately placed with a confused look.
I stood up straight, closed my eyes and waited for a second. Then, I screamed. Everyone immediately put their hands to their ears and attempted to prevent the horribly high pitched screaming sound from flooding into their ears. This was my specialist ability. Sonic Scream allows me to generate high pitch frequencies, the pitch of my choice, and they can be directed at whomever I choose. In this case, I am slowly increasing the pitch, not enough to kill them, and it's only directed at the Phantom Troupe. Anyone else to possibly see this would hear nothing. When I was younger, I wasn't able to control it and some... things happened, but that's a different story.
In a matter of seconds, the Phantom Troupe was on the ground.
"Okay okay! Fine I give up! Just make it stop!" he screamed.
I opened my eyes and they looked at me with a shocked face.
Shalnark’s POV
This is quite interesting. Her eyes that were once blue are now a deep reddish-brown. I'm definitely telling boss about this.
Mei's POV
I can tell my eyes are reddish-brown now because they're faces are so dumbstruck. I slowly walk over to Uvogin, bend down to where he's crouching on the floor and say,
"I win. Now please leave" I say with a cold tone. Then I flash him a smile. The Phantom Troupe gets up and walks away.
That was easier than I thought. A little too easy. I'll keep my guard up just in case.
I check my phone again and to my surprise,
Oh shit! My next shift starts in five minutes! If I'm late I'm gonna kill the Phantom Troupe!
I quickly enter the flower shop and put away the materials I took out. I grabbed my backpack, turned off the lights and locked up the shop. Then I bolted for Daisuke-san's grocery store.
Shalnark’s POV
Mei won fair and square. As we were leaving the flower shop defeated, I thought to myself,
Mei has a very interesting Nen ability. I could already tell she'd been playing dumb with us. If she didn't know who we were, she wouldn't have had to use her Nen on us. She already knew she couldn't take on Uvogin in hand-to-hand combat. What a smart girl.
I broke from my thoughts,
"Before we head back, I think we should keep an eye on this girl for a while" I said with a smile on my face.